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Tanzania Photography Safaris

anzania must be one of the most photographer-friendly destinations on the planet. From snow-capped mountain peaks to 'Big Five' safaris and dreamy tropical islands, Tanzania is basking in its newfound status of being a seriously hot photographic travel destination.

For the perfect Africa trip, consider Tanzania. The country has diverse landscapes and cultures that will take your breath away with their beautiful natural wonders like Lake Tanganyika or Kilimanjaro National Park. If you’re looking for more of an adventure than just sightseeing, go on a photography safari to experience wildlife up close while learning how it’s photographed by local experts who can show new techniques in capturing these creatures on film! Tanzania Photography Safaris are quite popular these days; in fact, the number of visitors to Tanzania has increased by over 20% annually in recent years, so many travelers prefer to go on photography safaris when visiting the country.

On a photo safari in Tanzania, you’ll also see several great birds like marabou, stork and kingfisher, which can be found in Mikumi National Park. Hiking enthusiasts will want to try the wildlife safari at Ruaha National Park, with over 60 mammal species, including black-and-white colobus monkey and red duiker. Whether you’re into hiking or photography, Tanzania offers all types of adventures for anyone who wants to visit this African country.

If you’re looking to try something different on your safari, why not bring your camera gear and rent some lenses. It can be beneficial if you plan on taking more photographs during your stay. There are professionals available for hire that will help with the technicalities of finding the right lens or changing your camera’s settings. At the same time, you’re busy focusing on capturing the perfect shot. You can be especially helpful if you do not own any lenses or are not familiar with the technicalities of photography. Book your tour with us today.